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Eric J. Shigongo

Eric J. Shigongo

Eric James Shigongo is a Tanzanian businessman, entrepreneur, writer, author and a translator of books and stories from English to Kiswahili and a motivation speaker.

He was also the CCM Youth Wing leader who stood, and lost, in the 2010 CCM primaries.

According to TCRA (2018), Global Publishers & General Enterprises Limited is owned to 100% by Joachim Lusana Buyobe. Byobe also owns Geita online TV to 100%. However, also Shigongo seems to be closely connected to the company. He is mentioned as CEO, director and supervisor of the Global Group – and sometimes even as owner on several websites. He also refers to the company on his own facebook site. His exact position remains unclear as the company profile at Business Registrations and Licensing Agency (BRELA) was not accessible and the company didn’t respond to interview queries.

Shigongo founded the company Together with Abdallah Mrisho Salawi in 1998, and only then did he start publishing novels too. Global Publishers produce the weekly tabloids Uwazi (Transparency), Ijumaa (Friday), Ijumaa Wikienda (Friday Weekender), Risasi (Bullet), Amani (Peace) and Championi (Champion), which are all in Swahili.

Shigongo got famous as entrepreneur, book author and speaker. Born in Mwanza, on the shores of Lake Victoria, he has a wide variety of ventures pursuits, including media, hotels, farming, real estate and property development. He is also a prominent writer specializing in newspaper serials and novels. His history as a writer is connected to his activity in the publishing sector, as he serializes his stories in his own newspapers.

Among the books that are read and written by Eric Shigongo are is ‘Rais Anampenda Mke Wangu’ which in English is ’The President Loves My Wife’ of (2003), The Last Days of My Life (2001), Tears and Blood and many more.

Currently, Shigongo is pursuing a Bachelor degree in Mass Communication at Tumaini University Dar es salaam College (TUDARCO).


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