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Attempts to introduce cross-media regulation came late. While media stakeholders had put the topic on the agenda already at the beginning of the millennium, the Government hesitated. This allowed a few cross-media conglomerates to expand – such as IPP Media Ltd., which is today one of the biggest media groups in Eastern Africa, or Clouds Entertainment. 

While the actual cross-media concentration could not be quantified due to the lack of market data, some companies provide popular services across media types, that they might have the potential to push out competitors – or get to that point in the future. The lack of market data inhibits the drafting and implementation of effective media regulation as regulatory authorities cannot take fact-based decisions and policy actions. 

State-owned media and IPP Media are active in all four media sectors. Sahara Media Group had to close its publishing activities, and now operates in TV, radio and as Online Content Provider. 


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