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Dr. Reginald A. Mengi

Dr. Reginald A. Mengi

Dr. Reginald Abraham Mengi is a businessman and philanthropist. After qualifying as a Chartered Accountant in Scotland, he returned to Tanzania in April 1971, and joined the audit firm of Cooper Brothers.

Mengi became founder, owner and Executive Chairman of IPP Limited, a privately owned group of companies. The IPP Limited, established as a hand-operated ball pen assembling plant in Dar es Salaam, has now expanded and diversifies to become one of the largest groups in East Africa. The company comprises media, beverage, household and beauty, mineral and prospective and mining. Dr. Mengi also has interests in oil and gas, large scale horticulture, automobiles, cement, pharmaceutical and other manufacturing sectors.

Under the IPP Media, a subsidiary of IPP Ltd., Mengi has invested in both eletronic and print media. The eletronic media are Independent Television (ITV), Radio One, East African Television (EATV), East African Radio (EARadio), Capital Television and Capital Radio. Print media include The Guardian and its Sunday edition The Guardian on Sunday, Nipashe and Sunday edition Nipashe Jumapili, Taifa Letu, Sema Usikike, ThisDay and Kulikoni.

Mengi is currently Chairman of the Media Owners Association of Tanzania (MOAT) and the Tanzania Private Sector Foundation.

Mengi is credited for promoting business lobby power in Tanzania. He played a very significant role in the formation of Tanzania Chamber of Commerce, Industry and k2Agriculture (TCCIA). Him and four other originator later established the Manufacturers’ Association. This was due to the fact after a massive imports trade liberalisation in 1991, Tanzania’s manufacturing industry found itself increasingly unable to compete with often cheap and counterfeit imported products. Later, Mengi and his business colleagues established the Confederation of Tanzania Industries (CTI) to coordinate an integrate different types of sectoral business associations through an umbrella body. CTI became Dr. Mengi’s launching pad in becoming a leading proponent of government-business dialogue, first in Tanzania and the level of East African Community. By 1999, CTI had become “Tanzania’s Voice of Industry.”

He has held several public positions including: Chairperson of Tanzania Standard Newspapers Ltd; Commissioner of the Salaries Review Commission; Chairman of the National Board of Accountants and Auditors Tanzania (NBAA); Chairman of the National Environment Management Council of Tanzania (NEMC); Chairman of the Tanzania Chapter of the Commonwealth Press Club (CPU); Board Director for LEAD (Leadership for Environment and Development International); Chairman of the Confederation of Tanzania Industries (CTI); Chairman of the East African Business Council; Chairman of ICC Tanzania (a National Committee of the International Chamber of Commerce); and Director of the Board of the Commonwealth Business Council.

Mengi was born in Nkuu village in Machame, Kilimanjaro region, Tanzania. Dr. Mengi is the fifth child of the seven children of Abraham Mengi and his wife Ndeekyo. The others are Apaansia, Elitira, Asantarabi, Karileni, Evaresta and Benjamin. He acknowledges in his book that his parents and brother Elitira greatly influenced his interest in business. Elitira who was a huge influence and mentor during Dr. Mengi’s teenage and early adult years. Mengi received his primary and secondary education in Kilimanjaro region, where he got the idea of pursuing an accountacy profession. Dr. Mengi is a renowned philanthropist. He has received several international, regional and national awards in recognition.

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Food & Beverages

Bonite Bottlers - Franchise for Coca Cola carbonated soft drinks brands


IPP Resources - mines gold, uranium, copper, chrome and coal)

Households & Beauty

number of brands including REVOLA. Manufactures and distributes under license the GIV Beauty Soap from “PT. Wings Surya (Indonesia).

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Regina Mengi

Daughter. CEO of East Africa Media Limited.

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