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The Citizen

THE CITIZEN, is an English-language daily that was registered with the registrar of Newspaper on March 7, 2014 and the first issue was launched on September 16, 2014. Its Sunday edition is called THE SUNDAY CITIZEN. The delivers business and political news analysis and targets business decision makers and enrepreneurs.

THE CITIZEN carries six magazines on different subjects in different days of the week. Every Monday the newspaper carries Your Health, a health magazines and political review magazine, Political Platform. Every Friday, the publication carries The Beat, a magazine focusing on entertainment and showbiz while every Thursday The Citizen carries a business magazine, Business Week. A woman’s magazine, Woman is published every Saturday and Sound Living, a family magazine that features uplifting stories that happened in the socity is published and carried in The Citizen.

THE CITIZEN is published by Mwananchi Communications Limited which also publishes Kiswahili language newspaper MWANANCHI and its Sunday edition MWANANCHI JUMAPILI and MWANASPOTI, a bi-weekly sports and entertainment newspaper that was launched on February 12, 2001. The Company also publishes in Kiswahili language magazines and pull-outs on different topics in different days of the week, that are carried in MWANANCHI.

Mwananchi Communications Limited was stablished in 2001 by Ambassador Ferdinand Ruhinda in partnership with Rostam Aziz. Prior to that Ambassador Ruhinda had established a communication company, Media Communications Limited in 1999 which in 2001 became Mwananchi Communication Company. In December 2002, the Kenya based Nation Media Group purchased the conrolling shares but now is has 41% shares while Jehangir Kermali Bhaloo has 51% shares.


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Paid Content

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Media Companies / Groups

Mwananchi Communications Limited

Nation Media Group Limited


Ownership Structure

MCL publishes as a subsidiary of Nation Media Group which is run by the Aga Khan Foundation and funded through the Aga Khan Development Fund. The recent change in ownership is not yet indicated at BRELA where still Aziz and Ruhinda are listed as shareholders. Current shareholders according to Maelezo (June 29, 2018).

Voting Rights

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Group / Individual Owner

Jeangir Kermalzi Bhalov

Tanzanian national.


Individual Owner

Media Companies / Groups

General Information

Founding Year

March 7, 2014


Aziz Rostam - is a politician, businessman and among the richest Tanzanians. He resigned from all the positions he held in CCM in 2011. # Ruhinda Ferdinand – Ambassador to the People’s Republic of China. He is a member of the ruling party.


Francis Majige Nanai - has over 12 years of Senior Leadership role in sales. Marketing & General Management. He joined Mwananchi Communications Limited as Chief Operating Officer in August 2013 before being appointed to his current position in August 2014


Bakari Machumu - Executive Editor # Frank Sanga - Head of Content Generation # Damas Kanyabwinya - Editor.

Other Important People

Directors, based on BRELA company profile from Oct.2018:


Mwananchi Communications Limited (MCL)

P.O Box 19754, Dar es Salaam

Tel.: +255754780647

Fax: +255222224875

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Meta Data

Audience share based on GeoPoll survey (Aug 30 – Sep 1st, 2018), commissioned by MOM Tanzania. Special interest newspapers such as sport news were excluded of the ownership analysis.

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